About the WLF

World Lupus Federation

The World Lupus Foundation serves to:

  • Inspire people around the world to join efforts that will generate attention and resources to help fight lupus and bring an end to the devastating impact of this disease.
  • Create a strong unified voice among all lupus organizations around the world to raise awareness of lupus and bring global recognition of its life-changing impact.
  • Elevate lupus on the world’s healthcare agenda in order to influence governments, health ministers and other key institutions to develop constructive policies and programs to greatly increase support for patients, their health providers, families and caregivers.
  • Establish partnerships for the Federation with appropriate global and regional health organizations to further WLF goals.
  • Connect people with lupus around the world and empower them to advocate for increased funding for lupus research and support services for people with lupus.
  • Provide training, tools and resources designed to build the capacity of lupus organizations around the world to serve their constituents.
  • Exchange programmatic information, materials and guidelines to assist in capacity-building efforts.​