Join the World Lupus Federation

World Lupus Federation

Affiliation with the Federation is granted to organizations that meet the criteria for affiliation and demonstrate its commitment to the lupus cause as follows:

  • Demonstrate its status as a patient organization that provides services and programs primarily for people affected by lupus
  • Provide specific examples of lupus patient programs conducted by the organization
  • Clarify how many of the organization’s resources (people, financial, programs) are spent on lupus research, education, or advocacy activities as compared to resources allocated to any other disease
  • Demonstrate the organization’s ongoing support to advance the cause of lupus (research, education, awareness, advocacy, etc.)
  • Established as a self-sustaining nonprofit organization legally recognized by the appropriate governmental agency within its country of origin.

Categories of Affiliation

Members of the federation will be organized into two categories. 

Full Member: This category of membership is for the one nonprofit organization that is solely focused on lupus and recognized as the primary national lupus patient organization within its own country.

General Member: This category of membership is for other nonprofit organizations that meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Other lupus patient groups that have lupus as their primary focus, offer programs and services to aid people with lupus, and that are not designated as a Full Member
  • All regional or continental lupus-focused federations whose affiliates or member organizations in turn offer programs and services directly to people with lupus.  Organizations who are members of a regional or continental lupus federation are encouraged to actively participate in the WLF through their affiliation with the regional federation.

Begin the affiliation process by completing this online application.  If your organization meets the qualifications following the initial review, you will receive an email with instructions to complete the application process.